Immigration to America

Leo Zucker and Clara Zucker came to America first. We (well, me) aren't sure when Leo came over as yet. Clara sailed from the port of Rotterdam on The Noordam and arrived at Ellis Island on Dec 27, 1905. On the ship manifest is says that she is meeting her brother L. Zucker, 140 Pothomac (sic) Ave. Chicago, Ill.

Next came Ida (my grandmother) and Jack in 1907. We are lucky enough to have the joint passport they used, preserved by Ida and my mother Phyllis Abels Dumes (thanks Mom!). It is very beautiful, I think.

Ida and Jack departed from the port of Hamburg on June 27, 1907 on the Kaiserin Auguste Victoria and arrived at Ellis Island in NYC on July 7, 1907.

We have the ship manifest for Ida and Jack from both Hamburg and Ellis Island. The Ellis Island ship manifest says they are meeting their sister, Clara Zucker at 140 Potomac Ave in Chicago, so Clara was probably living with Leo and Esther.

Finally, on Feb 3, 1909 David arrived at Ellis Island with Fannie, Sarah and Abe. The manifests at this time had become two page documents. On page 1, we learn that David has a brother still in Romania. It is very difficult to read, but looks like Nissen David Zucker. If anyone has a better guess, let me know! Page 2 says they are meeting Clara, now living at 214 Evergreen in Chicago.