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Immigration Records

Clara sailed from the port of Rotterdam on The Noordam and arrived at Ellis Island on Dec 27, 1905. On the ship manifest is says that she is meeting her brother L. Zucker, 140 Pothomac (sic) Ave. Chicago, Ill.

The Noordam -- the very ship that Clara sailed to America.

This is the manifest from Hamburg for the ship on which Ida and Jack sailed. Ida and Jack departed from the port of Hamburg on June 27, 1907.

Ida and Jack sailed on the Kaiserin Auguste Victoria and arrived at Ellis Island in NYC on July 7, 1907.

the Kaiserin Auguste Victoria

Feb 3, 1909 David arrived at Ellis Island with Fannie, Sarah and Abe.

The Martha Washington, the ship that carred David, Fannie, Sarah and Abe to America

1910 Census Records

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Here we see most of the family living at 1248 Claremont Ave. in Chicago. David, the patriarch, is still going by his Yiddish name which looks in this census like Geivel. David is not working, and it stated that he has is "own income". With him live Leo working as a salesman, Ida working as an operator in a hairgoods store, Jack working as an packer at a department store, Fannie working as an operator at a hairgoods store, presumably with Ida, Sarah, and Abraham and a cousin named Esther Caplowitz, who was 26 in 1910. Esther was also working as an operator at a hairgoods store, again presumably with Ida and Fannie.

Clara was married to Joseph Witkin, and they were living at 104 Evergreen Ave. They had two lodgers, Charles and William Hechter. Joseph's profession was as a merchant in Junk. He reports to have immigrated from Russia in 1903. Clara was not working at this time.

1920 Census Records

David, Ida and Abe were now living with Sarah who had married Sidney Sachsel. Sarah and Sidney had a child Lucille who was 2 years 8 months. They were living at 14 Maplewood Ave. Sidney was born in this country, but his parents were Hungarian. He was an electrician, working for himself. Ida was employed as a tailor in a wholesale clothing firm. Abe was employed as a salesman in a wholesale clothing firm.

We find Leo listed as "Louis", he and his wife Esther are living on North Irving Ave. Esther is listed as having been born in Romania and lists her age as the same as Leo, 42. Leo is a packer in a wholesale hardware firm. Esther is not working at this time.

We see Clara and Joseph with a bunch of kids! Lucille (the author of the Zucker history on the main page) is 10, Martin is 7, Marie is 5 and Helen is 2 years 11 months. Joseph is a junk peddler.

Jack is married to Lillian and has a daughter Eleanor, who is 2 years, 9 months. Lillian emigrated from Russia in 1906. Jack is a laborer in a wholesale millinary shop. Their street address is difficult to read. It looks like 51 N. Washtemaw.

1930 Census Records

So far, I've not been able to find David Zucker in the 1930 census! It's very mysterious. I have also been unable to find, as yet, as census record for Fannie and Abe Smilo.

We see Clara and Joseph are now paying $75/month rent and have a radio. Joseph is the proprieter of a garage and Clara does not work. Lucille is 19 by this time and is working as a bookeeper in a printing office. Martin is 17, Marie is 15 and Helen is 13.

Ida married Harry Abels on October 27, 1927 in Chicago, IL, and in the 1930 census we see them living at 411 East Walnut St. in Robinson, IL. Harry owned his own home, which was valued at $3,000 and they had a radio. Harry had emigrated from Russia in 1901 and was a junk dealer. Living with them was Harry's son David. David's mother Anna Rappaport had died in 1926. Dave worked as a bookkeeper in an office. Also living with them was Harry and Ida's daughter Geraldine, 10 months old.

Jack and Lillian are living at 72 Laundale Ave, and Charlotte Zucker has been born. Jack is now a cutter in a ladies' millinery, pay $65/month rent and even have a radio!

By 1930, Sarah and Sidney had another child Joseph, who is 9. They pay $75/month rent and also have a radio. Sidney is now a salesman for an electrical firm.

Abe married to Leah Greenberg on March 14, 1920, and by the census of 1930, they lived at 17 N. Damen. Leah had emigrated from Russia in 1905. They had three children, Marshall 9, June 6, and Dolores E. was three months old. They paid $75/month rent, and had a radio. Abe worked at a hot frame metal factory, and Leah was a homemaker.

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