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Pat GF Morris Zucker

Sarah Blema Zucker Sachsel
Sarah was born in Serbesti, Romania on Aug 02, 1895 and died in Chicago, IL on Oct 26, 1970. Yahrtzeit date is 26 Tishrei, which corresponds to Oct 16, 2017. (What is Yahrzeit?)

Sarah's father:
David Zucker
(1855 - Jun 23, 1935)

Sarah's mother:
Leah Abrahams
(1864 - Mar 12, 1902)

Sarah married
Sidney Sachsel
(1895 - 1950) .

With Sidney,
Sarah had these children

Additional Info:
Sarah (then called Blins) arrived at Ellis Island on Feb 2, 1909 with her father and some siblings.



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