From the left: Sarah Blema, Jack, Abe Smilo, Abe, Zada, Ida, Arthur Fosner, Morris Fosner, Joe Witkin, Clara, Lu Witkin Porter, Fanny, Leo, Esther. Claremont Ave, Chicago, IL. approx 1912

Family History According to Lu Porter

Zada's (David Zucker) Mother ran away with an old sweetheart when he was born. So Zada's father took him to his brother's home and he was raised with the Zucker's. They were Zucker's - Sam Bernhard + Rae - many others - they were well educated and pretty well to do. They went to High School & higher places of learning in Romania near Bucharest.

Marty Witkin, David Zucker and Lucille Witkin Porter

They were cousins but Zada was like a brother to them. Went to school, everything. Zada came with them - no - I think my Mother and Leo came to America first. They stayed with Sam Zucker. Zada's wife - Leah - for whom I was named - died at an early age of 38.

My mother raised Uncle Abe - the other children were older. Uncle Abe came here as a boy. He went to Schley school - as the family lived on Claremont Ave at that time. My mother went to work at Marshall Field & Co and Leo worked for Sam Zucker in an Electric Lamp Co. My mother and Leo saved enough money to bring Zada, Ida, Fanny, Jack and Blema. Zada when he married had an Inn - people traveling - he provided lodging, food and drink. Then his wife died and my mother had to keep house - bake, cook and help raise the family.

They were all gentle people and I remember Zada always was reading. He was a scholar. He taught Bar-Mitzad (?) - Irvin and Joe Sachsel and I think he taught Marty too. Uncle Jack and Abe had beautiful handwriting. They all went to school in Romania. Ucle Abe graduated from Schley School.

The rest you should know. Several years ago I recieved a letter from Isreal from my Mother's cousins from Romania. I gave the letter to Joe & Muriel when they went to Israel. These people were related to my mother's family - as kids my mom used to take us to the Westside to see Fater (Uncle) who smoked a big long pipe. He was over 100 yrs old. He had sons - I forgot the name - they are buried in Waldheim - same as Zada but up in front. There also was Morris Fliegler. His Mother & our grandma were sisters. The Flieglers had family in San Francisco - I visited with them when they were alive. I think a son still lives there.

Webmaster's notes: Morris Fleigler was living at 1248 N. Claremont in Chicago (with the Zucker family, apparently) in 1917 when he signed his draft registration. He was born Apr 27, 1892 in Romania. He was a tailor and his parents were still living in Romania. By 1930 he was living in San Francisco with his own tailor shop and he owned his home worth $10,000. His wife Eva was from Russia and emigrated in 1904. (Morris reports he came in 1914). Eva was born March 15, 1901 and died Dec 21, 1975 in San Mateo, CA. They had two children, Harold 9 years old, born in Illinois and Rosalind, 7 years old, born in CA, so they moved from Chicago to San Francisco sometime between 1921 and 1923. Morris died Dec 17, 1968 in San Francisco. I believe that Harold died Dec 1, 1996 San Mateo, California.

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